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Special Olympics Australia has released a new online learning module – Coaching People with Down syndrome – available on the Inclusive Sport Academy.

This course is a must for any coach or teacher supporting people with Down syndrome in a sporting              environment.

Complete this module and you will learn the key coaching techniques required to provide athletes with Down syndrome a safe and enjoyable sporting experience. You’ll also learn some important facts about Down syndrome from a range of experts.

This course is the culmination of an exciting collaboration between Special Olympics Australia and Down  Syndrome Queensland. To access the Inclusive Sport Academy, hover and click over this text to register for a free   account, or use the username and password you registered for SOA Learn or if you have forgotten your   password you can reset your password by clicking ‘Forgot Password?’.

Inclusive Sport Academy is an important knowledge base, hosting courses and resources that can be applied across the sport, education and health sectors to make sport and physical activity more inclusive.


‘The Coaching People with Down syndrome course is a unique collaboration in Australian sport and an innovative way to leverage shared resources for the betterment of the athletes with Down syndrome. It also creates a great legacy from the funding that drive the Get Active program to make sure coaches all over Australia can access the resourcing developed by Down syndrome Queensland through this program. Any coach who works with an athlete with Down syndrome should do this course, it will enhance their confidence and competence and have a lasting impact on their players.’ Playbk co-founder

Download Resource booklet

A big part of the resource will cover examples of common characteristics of people with Down syndrome, and then look at how this information can help you to be more inclusive as a coach.

This resource will also discuss the law, as well as the human rights of people with disability, relevant to participating in sport.

It will also explain the concept of inclusion and the common misconceptions around people with Down syndrome.

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